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Feb 19 , 2011 101Share
Guatemala: My home for the next 27 months.

I received my invitation packet late last night and it looks like I’ll be living in Guatemala!

My job title is a health promoter. Basically I’ll be helping to educate townspeople on sanitary living, healthy eating, preventing diseases, and other various health related things - how amazing is that?

I start April 27th. :)

I couldn’t be more excited to be living in such a beautiful country.

  1. despetitesvictoires said: OMG! Congratulations!
  2. aspiel said: nice one! i’ll probably be there too, setting the groundwork for or actually conducting fieldwork! be safe!
  3. zoewscott said: Amazing!! Can’t wait to see all your updates about this adventure. Are you still planning to post about it on a separate blog? xo
  4. meliss-ann said: That’s awesome!
  5. bikinisummer said: My cousin did a mission with her college in Guatemala for 6 months, she absolutely loved it.
  6. esunalucha said: Buena suerte! =)
  7. ferfluffle said: how exciting!! good luck!! xxx




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