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Feb 15 , 2011 134Share

It’s official! I’ve been invited to serve in the Peace Corps in late April in Central or South America. I’ll receive my packet in 5 to 10 business days with exact location and dates but it’s FINALLY OFFICIAL.

All I have to do is accept.

& you best believe I’m accepting.

It’s finally happening and I’m incredibly excited but sad at the same time.

In other news I had the most amazing Valentine’s of my life last night. I will never EVER forget it. Everything was absolute perfection. I’m incredibly lucky to have met someone so amazing to me. Even though we went into this knowing that I wouldn’t be here for long, It’s going to be really hard to leave.

  1. ohh-shenanigans said: Congratulations!! That’s an amazing thing to do!
  2. aimeeeeeee said: congrats! I have a friend that is going as well. but I think he’s headed to africa. :)
  3. lessthan260 said: that’s amazing Mad! <3
  4. gettinghealthyinkentucky said: That’s amazing! Congrats on everything!




Height: 5'5'

Start Weight (2/1/2010): 236.5

Lowest Weight: 132.0 (11/2011)

Current Weight: 145.0 (3/30/13)

Ultimate Goal Weight: 125 (ish)

Pounds lost: 100.5 lb

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