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Nov 02 , 2010 84Share

Inspiration pants pics!

Zipped and I wore them out last night.

A smidge tight, but THEY FIT. It only took almost 20 pounds, but damnit it they fit!

(first try on & progress pic)

  1. misslawson reblogged this from enoughfluff and added:
    This is so amazing! It’s so cool! Way to go! They look very good on you!
  2. kelleyish said: Congrats!! I know that’s an awesome feeling!
  3. abitofsilliness said: WOW! Good for you!
  4. runtoeatrepeat said: Awesome! Work it girl! :)
  5. losingwins said: gadzooks major congrats!!
  6. kateislosingweight said: THIS IS SO INCREDIBLY AWESOME. May I ask what size they are? And btw, they look fantastic!
  7. lessthan260 said: check you out!
  8. healthy-happines said: holy cow, your ama za zing.




Height: 5'5'

Start Weight (2/1/2010): 236.5

Lowest Weight: 132.0 (11/2011)

Current Weight: 145.0 (3/30/13)

Ultimate Goal Weight: 125 (ish)

Pounds lost: 100.5 lb

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